David Saggio is a photographer from Boston, Massachusetts and lover of all things automotive. Raised on a steady diet of automotive photography while growing up during the late 70's, his creative aesthetic was shaped by the classic imagery from the Road & Track, Car and Driver, and Formula magazines of that time. 

He still remembers the photograph of a Mazda RX-7 that changed his life and formed his passion. A key element to David's style is recognizing the art of the automobile from the perspective of the lines and curves as the designers and engineers created it and the drivers experience it. With a heartfelt belief that automobiles are meant to be driven, he creates automotive imagery and portraits that emotionally express the connection between man and machine.

A competitive race driver, he can be found behind the wheel when not behind the camera.

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David Saggio creates automotive imagery that captures the art & beauty of the machines as designers imagined it and drivers experience it. automotive photographer,  classic car photographer, commercial photographer, boston, milan, collectible car photographer, motorsport photographer, professional photographer

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