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Your Collectible Car Beautifully Captured in Photographs


David Saggio offers custom commissioned photography for the discerning automobile owner. His portfolio of private work includes individual automobiles, private collections, and provenance & historical projects.

AUTO SAGGIO's bespoke photography is available in large format, archival books and fine art imagery & collections of you and your automobile, David not only captures the quality & authenticity of your classic, but he creates a nonpareil heirloom that you will enjoy & take pride in for many years.

With his flawless attention to detail and keen creative eye, David creates a showpiece of your classic to be shared  at home, at the office, or as the ultimate gift for someone with a special car and a special story.


  • For collectors & aficionados, these books capture the form and spirit of your prized automobile in a way that is unique and timeless. A distinctive piece of your personal history, your bespoke book tells the story of your collectible in a way that is as unique as the vehicle itself. 

  • For automotive investors, these bespoke concours & provenance books deliver a tangible record that visually captures the condition, serial numbers, and authenticity* of your investment in every detail, and preserve the legacy of the collectible automobile.

To discuss how his photography can help maximize the investment and enjoyment of your collectible or collection, please complete this contact form, call the studio at +1 774.573.9055 or

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